Faróis (Lighthouses)

FAROL MOSTARDAS (Mostardas Lighthouse):

Actually, Farol Mostardas is located in the district of Tavares, 24km from the town. It has a height of 38m and is at the ocean beach, Praia do Farol. It was built in 1894, and with its black and white stripes that can be seen from far away it is the biggest lighthouse in the area.

Its large torch emits red and white flashes every 40 seconds that can be seen 40 nautical miles (72km) into the ocean. The Brazilian Navy guards it. The climb up its staircase to reach the top and enjoy the breathtaking view should not be missed!


FAROL CAPÃO DA MARCA (Capao da Marca Lighthouse):

12km from Tavares, this lighthouse is accessed by 4x4 following the banks of the lake, Lagoa dos Patos.

It was built in 1849, and it is a unique treasure. It is a tubular tower, totally made of metal, imported from France. It is 19m high and painted white. Its torch is red with a 13 nautical mile range (24km). You can reach the top climbing through its internal stairwell and enjoy the view of Lagoa dos Patos.


FAROL CRISTÓVÃO PEREIRA (Cristovao Pereira Lighthouse):

Located 42km from Tavares, over vast swampland, accessed by 4x4, visiting this lighthouse is a real off road adventure!

It was built in 1858. With its height of 30m and its quadrangular construction, all painted white, the lighthouse looks like the tower of a castle. It is the most important and tallest lighthouse of Lagoa dos Patos, indisputably a historic landmark, brilliantly standing alone on the lake banks, guiding those in need. Its lamp has a 13 mile range. It works automatically and is maintained by the Navy. Access is prohibited.


FAROL CAPÃO DE FORA (Capao de Fora Lighthouse):

This is another lighthouse in an isolated location. It is on the ocean beach in a place famous for its fishing. It is the newest lighthouse of the area, constructed in 2001. It is a tubular tower, painted white and red.


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