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From Porto Alegre - Access is, starting from Porto Alegre, through the RS-040 by Viamão until Capivari do Sul (80 km - asphalt road); of Capivary, the RS-101 to Tavares (150 km - asphalt road) .

By Bus - If you prefer to travel by bus, departing from the bus station in Porto Alegre bound for Tavares, there are two available times: 6h30min, common thread, with a journey time of 5h30min with stops, and at 19:30, semi-direct with a journey time of 3h30min; arrival at the bus station in Tavares, one block from the hotel, and we welcome you.

By bus - Another option to achieve Tavares, take the bus and go to mustards, 27km away, where we will welcome you.

Timetables - the departures of buses from Porto Alegre are 6h30min, 11h30min, 14h, 15:45 (common thread -- Journey time 4h30min) and 19:30 (semi-direct travel time 3 hours).

From Rio Grande - passing the ferry to San Jose North, you can come by car because the road is new, or by bus.

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